2019 Travel Scholarship for the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA) by the Mecklenburgische Künstlerhaus Schloss Plüschow

2016 Artist Grant by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

2011 Residence Grant by Schleswig-Holstein-House Rostock

2001 Artist Grant by the Foundation Kulturfonds

1999 Artist Grant by the Ministry of Culture Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

1999 Artist Grant by the City of Neubrandenburg

1996 Artist Grant by Deutsche Kreditbank AG

1995 Degree and Master`s Apprentice of Prof. Dieter Goltzsche

1989-1994 Degree in Painting at the Berlin Weissensee School of Art with Prof. Dieter Goltzsche

1982-1985 Degree in Engineering

1960 born

Solo Exhibition

2022 "Retrospective", Mitsuko Castle, Museum for Japan and Contemporary Art, Todendorf/Thuerkow

2019 Contrast-Black-White Bernd Kommnick-Louise Roesler, Museum Atelierhouse Roesler-Kroehnke, Kuehlungsborn

2018 Gallery Neustrelitz, Neustrelitz

2018 "Claus Lindner/Sculptures, Bernd Kommnick/Assemblages", Arthouse Koldenhof, Koldenhof

2016 "New Works", CIRCUS EINS, Putbus

2016 Sparkasse, Roebel

2015 Sparkasse, Waren

2014 Biotechnikum, Greifswald

2014 Gallery, Klempenow

2014 Art Association,Church, Zachow

2013 Art Association, Torgelow


2012 Gallery Stern by BrinkmannBleimann Neubrandenburg

2012 New City Hall Templin

2010 Art Collection Neubrandenburg, Works 1999-2010, Catalogue

2010 Art Association, KunstGut Schmiedenfelde

2009 Sparkasse Mecklenburg-Strelitz Neustrelitz

2005 Municipal Gallery Koszalin, Koszalin, Poland

2001 Gate Gallery, Greifswald

1999 Graphic Prints//Overpainting, Sparkasse Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Neustrelitz

1999 Graphic Prints//Overpainting, Medihouse Gallery, Neubrandenburg

1998 Centre of Visual Arts, Neubrandenburg

1994 Library Gladsaxe, Denmark

Exhibition Participation

2022 "Anonymous Drawing", Berlin

2021 "Multilayer-Vision 20/20", Plueschow, Mecklenburg House of Artists, Catalog

2021 "Black/White- Greyzone Art", 31th Art Show of the Artists‘ Association M/V, Schlosskirche, Neustrelitz, Catalog

2021 "Awase", Ways to Frugality, Schloss Mitsuko, Todendorf

2021 „Raumzeichen“, Rusica Zajec/Bernd Kommnick/Broder Burow, Kunstraum St. Georgen, Wismar

2020 „Respice Finem“, 30th Art Show of the Artists‘ Association M/V, Schloss Bothmer, Catalog

2020 "Thinking from the reason of not thinking", Ways to Frugality, Schloss Mitsuko, Todendorf

2019 „From coarse to fine - chased through the mill“, 29th Art Show of the Artists‘ Association M/V, Kunstmühle Schwaan, Schwaan, Catalog

2019 „Yugen“, Paths to Simplicity 15, Schloss Mitsuko, Todendorf, Catalog

2019 „Kontraste“, Kunst-Wasser-Werk, Schwerin

2018 "Luftlinie", 28st Art Exhibition of the Artist Association M/V, Strandhalle, Ahrenshoop

2018 "Anonymous Drawing", Berlin

2018 "The Metaphysical-the Form of the Formless", Ways to Frugality, Schloss Mitsuko, Todendorf

2017 "formare", 27st Art Exhibition of the Artist Association M/V, Nikolaikirche, Rostock

2017 "Farbe und Form", Colored Sculpture, Schloss Plueschow

2017 "The Fragility of Existence", Ways to Frugality, Schloss Mitsuko, Todendorf

2016 "KUNST HEUTE", Days of Contemporary Art, Sparkasse am Markt, Stralsund

2016 "ART & ENTERTAINMENT", 26st Art Exhibition of the Artist Association M/V, RWN, Neubrandenburg

2016 "Toki no Nagare- the flowing Time, Ways to Frugality 12, Schloss Mitsuko, Todendorf

2016 "REViSiON", Neue Wae(e)nde fuer die Kunst, Collection DKB-Stiftung, Kunsthalle, Rostock

2015 "MUGA-Die Selbstvergessenheit", Ways to Frugality 11, Schloss Mitsuko, Todendorf

2015 "NEU GIER Dialog der Generationen", 25st Art Exhibition of the Artist Association M/V, Schwerin (Marstall)

2015 "Aus der Sammlung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern", Staatliches Museum Schloss Guestrow, Guestrow

2014 "Land ahoy", The art purchases of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 2012-2013-2014, Schloss Guestrow, Guestrow

2014 24st Art Exhibition of the Artist Association M/V, Putbus Circus I, Ruegen, Catalogue

2013 "9.Grantees Exhibition", Schleswig-Holstein-House, Art Assoziation, Rostock

2013 "Papers", Stock Exhibition, Art Collection Neubrandenburg

2012 "The journey is the destination", Zenga-exhibition, Mitsuko Castle, Todendorf

2012 "Donations", 30 Years Art Collection Neubrandenburg

2011 "The Happy Grip", Stock Exhibition, Art Collection Neubrandenburg

2011 "Hand Drawings", Art Collection Neubrandenburg

2011 "Lost+Found", The Presence of the Image, 21st Art Exhibition of the Artist Association M/V, Schleswig-Holstein-Haus, Schwerin, Catalogue

2010 "What lasts lasts", Art Collection Neubrandenbur

2009 "Surprises", Art Collection Neubrandenburg

2009 "Ramble", Gate Gallery, Neubrandenburg

2008 "1. Liebenberger Art Spring" Castle& Manor Liebenberg

2007 "Regional Art" Paintings & Graphics - Joint Exhibition, Gate Gallery, Neubrandenburg

2007 "Abstract - with Lines and Surfaces" Paintings - Joint Exhibition, Gate Gallery, Neubrandenburg

2006 "Herbst-Zeit-Lose" Paintings - Joint Exhibition, Gate Gallery, Neubrandenburg

2006 100+1 Graphic Works, Gate Gallery, Neubrandenburg

2002 "Bruecken" Gallery Berlin, Berlin

2000 Artist of a New Generation, Parochial Church, Berlin, Catalogue

1998 Master's Apprentice of Prof. Dieter Goltzsche, Mitte Gallery, Berlin, Catalogue

1995 Woodcuts, Parterre Gallery, Berlin, Catalogue

1995 Drawings, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, School of Diplomacy, Bonn

1993 Essentially Art, Gallery at the German Parliament, Berlin


"Objects for mental use" - this is not a rejection of the beauty of concrete images, but a rejection of their possible misuse as decoration. When looking at the work of Kommnick, the first visual stimulus immediately sets in the thinking, the understanding of structures, the conscious perception of the finest color nuances - the comprehension and willingness to partake in the artist's intellectual play. Black and white does not mean the absence of color. Black and white are colors. Kommnick reflects this in their ability to be modulated chromatically. Also coloristically the diversity in the reduction applies, the challenge to a size, which lies in its restriction.

Dr. Regina Erbentraut, 2014 (from the opening speech to the exhibition in the gallery of the castle Klempenow)